Pirates treasure hunt 6-8
  • Pirates treasure hunt 6-8
  • Pirates treasure hunt 6-8
  • Pirates treasure hunt 6-8
  • Pirates treasure hunt 6-8

Pirates treasure hunt 6-8

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Is your child dreaming of pirates, of privateers, of gold coins and of adventure for his/her birthday party? With our Quizoparty® Pirates kit, dreams come true!

Whether organized inside or outside your home, your child and his/her crew will jump aboard this treasure hunt with you as the captain to sail towards an amazing birthday party! 

But beware, it’s not for the faint-hearted! The children will have to face obstacles and challenges to unlock the coveted treasure chest, which you would have previously filled with chocolate coins and all sorts of knick-knacks. 

On top of the treasure hunt in itself, more games are also available to give the children an experience they will never forget. They’ll love the party so much they’ll be asking for more. Savvy?



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Plot of the Pirates treasure hunt 6-8

The riches of a famous lady privateer have just resurfaced. Will the children be able to solve riddles and enigmas to open the treasure chest? 

Printable kit’s content

With this Pirates 6-8 themed printable kit, up to four teams, that is 2 to 20 children, will be lucky enough to take part in the game.

Everything you need to print from your printer and lots of freebies on the Pirates theme will be available from your account as well as in our DIY corner.

Thanks to the tutorial and decoration sheets included in the kit you will also be able to fashion your own treasure chest.

More about this birthday party activity

Sail before the wind and organize a treasure hunt in record time!

Like all captains you are very busy, and your time is precious. Allow Quizoparty® to steer your adventure towards treasures, laughter, and young sailors happy to weigh anchors together. Yo-ho-ho! Fair wind, mateys!



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Data sheet

• A 4-color PDF file to be printed on your personal printer
• A 48-page document of which only 18 require printing
• Number of teams: Material provided to play up to 4 teams (green, purple, yellow and blue)
• PDF files provided in A4 format - Choose US format on your personal printer if appropriate
About the game
• Number of children: 2 to 20
• Number of teams: Material provided for up to 4 teams (green, purple, yellow and blue)

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